I came into Cluj on the 2nd of December, tired after a late night in Budapest and a long bus ride, the Transylvania hostel checked me in promptly, directed me to a local eatery around the corner and invited me to join the other guests there; I was hungry, thirsty and tired so of course I went, upon entering I recognized the hostel crew immediately and opted instead to break left to the bar. 

This I would find to be one of the best decisions I’d made since leaving the states because the open, friendly generosity of the staff and location not being on the immediate tourist route appealed to me. I asked as politely as I could if it was ok to pull up a stool and was met with english that made my own feel subpar; I had no idea the amazing people, food and atmosphere that I would be treated to and as a result would very quickly begin to feel like MY bar and a home in and of itself.

I could easily talk about how creative the menu is, how well the food and drinks were prepared or how good the staff are at their jobs but what means the most to me is how quickly I found myself amongst what I now consider friends and family just because I was nice. This is a place that feels like it is for everyone.

Being a lifelong traveller the name suited me, Nomad. I have to leave later but I feel I’ll be taking them with me.

If you are ever in Cluj-Napoca I’d love to invite you to my home and meet some of my family, please be kind and they will be yours as well; there’s odd uncles who think they know everything at the bar and sweet but firm aunties behind it, my brothers will seat you and prepare your orders and my sisters like to see you smile as they serve it; come find a home at Nomad.

Hopefully I might meet you there and we’ll talk about where we’ve wandered.

Steven Tate
Here is what Steven writes abut himself:

I write, travel and am looking for something. A person, place, music, life and laughter; I want more.

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