5 Reasons why Guinness is good you

1. Guinness drinkers are confidant drinkers!

Probably you already had the chance to taste a pint of Guinness, but do you know why you SHOULD have another one?

It is said a pint of Stout will cure everything!

Guinness used to advertise their stout as “valuable restorative after Influenza and other illnesses”. Doctors used to say the beer enriches blood and can also cure insomnia(many of us at Nomad can vouch for this one).  It was thought to be a high source of iron, so they made a habit of giving blood donors free bottles of Guinness.

Some studies even claim that the antioxidants present in Guinness are beneficial to the heart, because they make it harder for cholesterol to accumulate in the arteries!

2. The second reason you should have a Guinness: It is not a beer but a liquid gem!

This tasty “medicine”, by the way, is not black or brown coloured in fact!
It is actually a deep ruby red! This beautiful colour is due to the roasting of malted barley during preparation. You don’t believe us? See for yourself by holding up the glass to the light! Maybe a friend who can identify different shades will also help :D.

3. The third reason: it is the best food (or a drink, as some think of it) for weight loss.

Ladies, don’t worry neither you or your men will have beer bellies from a few pints!

Guinness has fewer calories than skim milk or orange juice. Being low-cal, it only has 198kcal per pint. Oh and don’t worry it has a modest alcohol content of 4.2%. Save you silhouette and drink a pint or two without feeling guilty!

4. The fourth reason: people are known to have become (the) wiser after having a pint of Guinness.

Did you know that The Guinness Book of Records was actually made to settle a pub argument?

Don’t worry, we didn’t know either, but Guinness can surely surprise us. A former Guinness managing director was out shooting with his friends and they started to argue over which the fastest game bird in Europe was. Because answers were nowhere to be found, the managing director knew the people of pubs needed one volume that could settle any pub dispute. Three years later they printed The Guinness Book of Records in a thousand copies! You might have a unique talent that could get you in one of the volumes, if not, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the stout.

5. The final and most important reason : Drinking guiness will make you brave!

It is known that Guinness drinkers are confidant drinkers! Hold your elbow up, drink the bitterest part of the beer to get to the sweet roasted body!

Disclaimer: The above enlisted facts are very subjective and not part of a scientific study. They were written with the sense of humor and should be read in that manner.

Disclaimer: Cele de mai sus nu sunt fapte științifice și sunt foarte subiective. Acest text este redactat cu sensul umorului și trebuie luat ca atare.

Guiness one plus one