This is an interesting collection of information with some interesting trivia about all types of beer from around the world. Here will talk about the history of beer, different types of beer – beer stories. Specific trivia about different beers from around the world. Like why do people say almost every beer in the world has a bit of the Weihenstephaner in them?

Coming next: blog articles on the special beers we have at Nomad.

We will also be conducting beer tasting and pairing events at Nomad in partnership with a certified expert(A beer sommelier, so to speak). You can come and see which beers go perfectly with what kind of food? The first event will be pairing our food with Weihenstephaner. Will be a 2 hour long event with pints of beer just for you. All the events will be announced soon on our events page.

If you love your beers, keep an eye out for our posts here and bookmark this page.